I just accepted this project to restore an old potato bug mandolin. I plan to simply clean it up, retain original finish. Tuning machines are good, just need to replace one button that is missing, or all buttons, depending on what I can find. The separated section is all there, just needs to be glued back in place. Clamping will be the trick. Has anyone had a similar odd clamping project?

Jerry Ryan

Inland Nebraska

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an' a fine taterbug it is............


That really looks good, Jerry!  

Looks like ya did a good job of gettin er done Jerry- get a good price for a job well done !!

Peace- Donald


Don't bother fixing them!   I have collected 8 of those critters and finely desired to make the ones work that I could and 4 become playable  then 6 months later my music store was broken into and they stold all for plus 14 other insterments.  I am mad!


Its been over a year since I finished the mandolin. Turned out quite nice. It was a family heirloom played and sounded good, loud too. and, Yes it paid fairly well.


Really nice taterbug Jerry. I meant to mention it when you first finished it. I've got 2 or 3 of them, and seeing yours makes me want to revive one of mine. Great job !

Thanks, tedious gluing the body sections back together, but all did fit well.


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