Frank's Fingerboard Top Crack has been my guide in dealing with an MD-12 that has the same issue but one addition--the soundboard has split along the centerline below the bridge, peeling up (see photos.) In what order should these be addressed? Do I first "stretch" the soundboard into position using Frank's method? Or does the lower bout's crack need to dealt with before that?


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If the open center seam all lines up nicely I would tend to that first.

I'm with Greg -   I'd stabilize the rest of the body structure before cranking back on the neck to realign the crack along the fingerboard.

Thanks for the comment. Just looking it over with the quick grip pinching the top, it doesn't look like the crack's halves will meet. I suppose a consequence of the wood shrinking process. 

What happened to this instrument? Did it get baked? Is it dry as a bone?

Before you do anything I think it needs to spend a week or two with a few humidifiers in the case so you can tell if the top is going to close up. If it is as dry as it looks, I would suspect also back braces are loose at the ends. The body needs to be stable and solid before you start trying to apply force to the neck.

Hey Greg, appreciate that. I think it must have had its cholent sessions sitting in an apparently sunny spot. It's a good little project, though could use another week in the case, as you say. 


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