On Jan 8th, I started a discussion entitled "pickguard retoration" (sic) (sorry for the misspelling).

Here's the problem: I had a Yamaha FG300 with an engraved celluloid pickguard that was crumbling and falling off the guitar like an old potato chip and was looking for advice on how to restore it. It was generally thought that I should replace it with a new one or try to find a damaged guitar and part it out. I didn't like the idea of putting a new shiny (and not engraved) pickguard on this old guitar and couldn't find a substitute.

Attached is a short collage of the before, during and after photos of how I solved the problem (hopefully). For a more elaborate photo essay with captions, follow this link:

In the photo essay, I show a reinforcement pad made of fishing line which I did not need, but kept in for those of you who might want to try this on an archtop pickguard where the extra reinforcement might prove necessary.

The photo essay also shows how I embedded an undersaddle pickup that the customer had duct-taped to top of the bridge.

Hope you find this helpful. I would appreciate any refinements you might want to offer to my approach.

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