I've just completed a telecaster, and wired in a pair of brand new Lace Sensors. Bridge is standard, with standard ground wire run to

the volume control. It is very quiet...except for a static noise when strumming and I happen to brush the pickguard. The body is cherry, with a maple drop top, and it's finished in nitro. The neck is maple with a cocobolo fretboard. The pickguard is a Fender tortoise, with no metalic lining on the back. So, my question, what gives with the static? Any and all ideas welcome if you've had this problem before. I just don't get it, and it's driving me nuts. Thanks for any help you may be able to offer. 

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I've seen that with Fenders. Static builds up and then crackles audibly as it discharges. You might try placing a copper foil backing underneath the pickguard, and a small contact strip that goes from that to the control cavity. Static would drain to ground.
+1 with Robert.
I've seen it with some guitars too, not only fenders. Most of the time, it's your clothes rubbing ont the plastic parts which get some static load. Then it unloads through the pots' body or whatever it can unload through. A copper foils grounded prevents loading... and unloading for sure!
Another way is to spray adhesive over the back of the guard and lay alfoil over it , then trim it around the edges , and of course run a connection under the control plate so it gets grounded there . Len
I don't know if an anti-static cling spray like Bounce would work on guitars, but if you spray some on the guitar player...
I keep a can of "Static Guard" handy for this problem and it works well to temporarily discharge the static electricity. I either spray directly on the pickguard or spray a bit on a paper towel and wipe the pickguard. I have found that a sheet of dryer static guard like "Bounce" wiped on the pickguard also stops the static except it can leave a sticky film if not wiped clean. I only have this problem when I am sitting and playing my Tele, I haven't noticed any static when I'm standing and playing with the band ?? so I've put off the process of shielding my pickguard. I've noticed that the problem is worse with fresh pickguards and seems to diminish a bit with time. Bakelite pickguard material as well as other shelded laminates is available for Fenders now and doesn't have this problem.
Hi Randall-- I have had the same thing happen to me and I put some coper tape under the pickups- It comes in various widths , and can be had from suppliers like Stew mac. and LMII . it can be cut with a pair of scissors and fittted in the pickup cavity.. Give it a try and see what happens.. also you need to make sure that the bridge is grounded to the proper place...
Peace, Donald


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