I thought I'd share a technique for attaching routing templates to flat surfaces:


1.  Apply low tack masking tape to the area to be routed.  On modern finishes I use 3M blue painters tape.  On vintage finishes, I use two layers of low tack drafting tape.

2.  Mount the routing template with two narrow strips of double sided tape applied to the back side of the template.  I use Golfsmith Golf Grip tape.  It's thin, strong and does not flex.  The double sided tape should only attach to the masking tape.  Use only as much tape as you need for a firm mount - more tape just makes it difficutl to remove the template later.

3.  Route the cavity with a ball bearing pilot bit.  I usually start the route by drilling the area inside with an appropriate size Forstner bit to nearly finished depth to remove a lot of the material.  Less dust, easier to start the piloted bit.

4.  If an edge of the template is available, carefully peel it off the masking tape.  Otherwise, remove the template using a smooth, flat, thin plastic putty knife inserted between the template and masking tape.  Keep the blade flat on the guitar and be careful not to scrape through the masking tape.  As with all sharp tools - never pry toward any part of your body!

5.  Remove the masking tape - always peeling toward any exposed edges to avoid pulling up finished areas.


I used to tape the templates down with masking tape from the top side but they can get loose and move - both during installation and routing.  Attached photo is a battery box route from a Fernandes Sustainer installation I did in on a MIM Strat.


Comments and suggestions welcome.

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i like it J R,  i'll add this one to my "good ideas" library .


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