I recently acquired an early 19th century French (1820-30?) guitar with a scalloped fingerboard. I'm planning on making a reproduction of it and having never done a scalloped fingerboard before I am hoping I can get some hints on good techniques for doing this.

I've seen a couple articles online which advocate the use of a small electric contour sander but I'm not convinced that's the best way to go as I only have about 3-4mm thickness to work with. They liked thin fingerboards back then.

Any ideas most appreciated.

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I do it the hard way usually : gouge + sandpaper on cauls.
Though I 'd be intersted in the way others do it... and before or after fretting? I do it after fretting but before fret dressing.
Thanks Pierre-Antoine. That's the way I was planning to do it except with a scraper. It seems like a long arduous process but maybe that's exactly what the process is.


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