Something fun!!! How many guitars have you repaired in you lifetime .... so far

Something I thought would be interesting and fun as I sit here contemplating my current repair. Every one of course is expected to be 100% truthful please!!! I’ll go 1st to break the ice! Here we go!!!

I’ve worked in a retail mom and pop shop since I was 16 and I’m now 50. In that time I’d say my average repair day I work on 6 instruments. I know some months I work on 20-30 violins a day prepping for rental season. Let’s not count those because numbers would be crazy after 34 years. I’m counting guitars,banjo,basses etc. So 6 guitars a day average times 5 days a week = 30 guitars a week. 30 guitars a week Times 52 weeks=1560 a year. 1560 guitars a year Times 34 years= 53,000 and some change! That’s a fair amount. I’m not counting orchestral instruments,pedal, amps, ouds,band instruments, or any odd instruments. I think it will be interesting to see what all we come up with on here. My number is 53k hopefully others will play along. Remember his is not a contest!!! Just good ol fun!! And please be honest!

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