Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew the affects of a super glue solvent on polyester finishes? I use a product called super solvent made by a company called Golden West. It comes with the satellite city super glue kit. All I know about the solvent is that it contains alcohol and nitroalkanes. Thanks guys!!

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In all I have encountered nothing will melt poly. But you could try on an old piece of junk with the same type of finish and see what happens. The last piece with poly I worked on was a GB-10 that someone had over used super glue on to try and "fix" something. I used acetone to clean off the glue and it did nothing to the poly finish. It just took off the, old, dry, heard glue. SO if you find something to melt poly please tell us. That finish is the repairman's nightmare.

Vic F.
I'll second Vic on this one.
Cool. That was my understanding as well but, better safe than sorry. Thank you gentlemen.


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