Got a 96 Taylor 410 dreadnaught that was abandoned in a closet under tension for too long, and the bridge tore off. I re-glued the bridge using the factory register pins. There is no bellying to speak of. It sounds fine until striking chords at the 7th fret and up. No other damage to speak of. The fingerboard is pretty flat under medium gauge string tension. The truss rod nut is finger tight. Action is good. 

Would the trauma this instrument experienced account for this? 

Thanks. rg

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Does it go sharp or flat and what is the setup like? Is it setup for med. strings?

11g-52g, A little sharp.

The 13g-53g set sounded and felt too tight, and I use 11-52 on almost everything else. The pick up install went perfectly, so it would be nice to have it sound right.

After the gentleman who owned this beautiful instrument was put into a nursing home, his wife did not know how to maintain such a thing. I have played a number of Taylors and know them to have a round responsive bass and full treble, but this one sounds a little like the top range of harmonics are cut off.
Sounds like environmental exposure damage. It takes a lot to pull a bridge off. Could be overall shrinkage due to drying out. Maybe re-hydrate?? Bolt on neck joint slippage?


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