in Franks articlel on doing a neck reset with a "bolt on",

Will this technique work if the truss rod extends to the soundhole?


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what part are you worried about?
I don't know chicken to try I guess... should I unscrew the truss all the way first?

Yes, I've done quite a few of these. Frank said, BTW, he mostly uses a thin kerf pullsaw anymore, as the thin jeweler's slitting sawblades tend to wander in the cut; I use both a Fein Multimaster w/blades I've made from slitting blades, and pullsaws.
Thanks Jeff,

Do you think the dremmel multi tool will work? is only about $100- usd.
How do you make that reverse forstner drill bit?
Does your finished product look like the neck was sawed off? how do you make it look good?

thanks for your help!
Fred -

While I made that bit to countersink the bolts in the neck of that Brazilian rosewood B.C.Rich, there's absolutely no need to countersink them at all. You can use regular KD furniture assembly bolts, as many manufacturers do:

Check McMaster-Carr web site, catalog page 3063:


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