To Those Using A Pressure Cooker As A Steam Generator

I've got my hose (HD brake line, got my needle (veterinarian, for horses etc.), clamps, and got my pressure cooker. Are the people using this setup just clamping the hose directly to the main release valve and cranking the heat? Bringing it to a boil & dropping to a simmer?

I hooked everything up, heated it up, and wasn't getting anything from the needle. I cooled it down, depressurized, and tried blowing through the needle to check for any obstruction. It takes what seems like quite a bit of force—more than the little weighted safety cap would allow (I assume). But maybe that's required to force steam out of the rig and through the needle? I'm just a little anxious about building pressure beyond what the gasket can handle... Was thinking of installing a second release valve and using one for the hose/needle, and one for the regulator, but thinking a little harder about it, the steam would release through the path of least resistance first. Maybe an adjustable valve w/ gauge so I can have some idea of the pressure I've built up and regulate the flow?

Ideas? Tips? Thanks.

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Same her. Been using it for years without issues.

Same her. Been using it for years without issues.

I've been using a pressure cooker for steam on guitar work for a number of years. I have al old Presto brand pressure cooker that works very nicely on a small heating unit on my bench. I don't use a lot of pressure since I removed the small pressure valve but it still generates a lot of steam.

I use a small hand holder made out of ABS so that the heat won't get on my hand. It has a section of #19 hypodermic tubing that I got from McMaster-Carr. The tubing is .0425 O.D and I drill two 1/16" holes in the fret slot where the fret was removed.I drill one hole one on either side of the neck dovetail pocket. One is to inject the steam and the other lets it exhaust. I also have the Stew-Mac neck removal fixture which works very well.

Frank Ford's videos on neck resetting and removal have been very helpful to me as I've saved a lot of money working on my own guitars.

I can imagine that the new Stew-Mac heating rod would also work well, except the hole that they drill has to pass a .125 heating tip. That seems rather large since it's wider then the fret.


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