I'm trying to find someone in the UK / Europe who can supply Martin style aluminium channel truss rods for short scale basses.  I need rods around 20 1/2" but can't find a UK supplier even for a full size rod that I could shorten.  The only supplier I can find is in Australia.

Any ideas please?

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hi Dave -- try LMII,com or  you might find what you are looking fior on on of these sites- good luck--Donald

LMII state on their truss rod pages that you can order truss rods in custom lengths - however the style rod you are after is supplied to them by Gotoh, so I have my doubts about getting custom lengths for that item. It would be worth asking them though, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Appreciate your replies Andrew and Donald but I'm looking for someone in the UK / Europe - shipping, duty and tax makes shipping from the USA prohibitive I'm afraid.

Im in Canada so I know all about it lol. But for such a critical part it's worth it to me.

Australia appears to be my best bet.  Perhaps I should go into production in the UK!

I'm not sure if there's a luthier supplier in Europe. But there are lots of luthiers in germany and italy, so chances are there is a supplier.

On the other hand, there are places that sell metal for machinists. Plates, chunks, rods, and the like (mostly brass and aluminum). You could try that. Good luck with the search!

When I needed a custom length dual-action truss rod for a 13 fret guitar, I ordered one from Mark Blanchard.

His dual-action truss rods are far and away the best on the market ... light years ahead of the rest in terms of quality.

I make my own single-action compression rods these days, but If I ever needed another dual-action rod I would order it from Mark Blanchard in a heartbeat... expense be hanged .


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