I have a '34 Gibson L-00 that I am doing some repairs on. I have 2 questions, and the photos are here:

As usual with Flickr, click on the first shot to get a larger image and some text.

First, I am missing 2 of the grommets that fit around the tuners on the face of headstock. Are these reproduced? Anyone have a couple they would be willing to part with.  I have found that StewMac offers replacements so I think I have this covered.

Second, the tuners are 3-on-a-plate and are identical and seem to be the same age - patina on the metal and the buttons are all the same side to side. However the plates are different.

I know that Gibson had trouble with consistency, but on the same instrument? What do you think - are they origianl?

thanks so much

Ed Minch

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Ned and Retrorod

Thanks for the offer.   The ID of the grommet is .23, the OD of the flange is .40, and diameter of the hole in the head is .25.  Turns out I need 3.

Thanks again

Ed Minch

I haven't checked my stock yet but looking on Ebay for parts, ( something I do a lot) I came a cross these which may be just what you are looking for.  

Edit; REALLY, I'm not trying to get out of finding my grommets. I just happen to be looking for a set of geared banjo style tuners for the tenor guitar I'm rebuilding and I keep coming across the grommets you are looking for. 

 I just saw that StewMac carries replacement grommets for less than the Ebay price. What's more is that they also have a Knurled set that may solve the fit problem you have with your original grommets. They are less than a dollar apiece so they should be worth looking at.

I know it's often the case with me that I don't look for vintage parts at supply houses but these look right to me. 

Damn those are pretty.....might need a half dozen of those myself....Jes' Because!!!!

"Here there be dragons wives!" 

 It's one of the reasons that I have a love/hate attitude towards looking for parts. I ALWAYS find stuff that I want "just because". My wife's pretty understanding about my hobby but she can get a bit "tight lipped" when too many thing show up with no real application in sight... but then, they are small and easy to overlook. 

Ned and Retro

I ordered the ebay bushings - they are the right size and since I am re-finishing the guitar black over the original black, I figured NOS would fit right in.

If you are interested, here are some shots of the start of repair.  My first repair:

Thanks for everything


I really like these old Gibson's but that's  a  real hand full. It looks like you're doing OK. Are you going to replace the back or try to patch it?


I am replacing the back.  The top is another story - there are no missing pieces but there IS big bulge behind the bridge that I have to get out.

It's my only chance at a 30's Gibson


Hey Ed, that is quite a project. Is there a "back story" to how all the destruction took place to begin with?

Looks like the pickguard was signed??

Thanks for providing the pictures. I am interested to see the progress. It sounds and looks like you have a plan and are equipped for the task...



Got it at a local auction.  It was $40, $44 with the buyers premium, and the guy standing next to me offered to buy the bag of pink plastic flamingoes that came with it - he gave me $3.  That's the back story!  

Someone had written "you can have everything but my guitar" in magic marker on the pick guard, and when I had carefully cleaned it off you could see where the solvent in the marker had left a permanent impression.  


That is a really cool story!

I can just picture the owner (after writing that) smashing the guitar against something as the repo- dudes hauled out the furniture....


Can't wait for you to bring it back to life....Good Score!!


I think I want to attend some auctions with you! 


I hadn't thought of it like he was being re-possessed - interesting

I was thinking more like he was talking to his girlfriend.

Either would make a good country song.


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