I have a '34 Gibson L-00 that I am doing some repairs on. I have 2 questions, and the photos are here:

As usual with Flickr, click on the first shot to get a larger image and some text.

First, I am missing 2 of the grommets that fit around the tuners on the face of headstock. Are these reproduced? Anyone have a couple they would be willing to part with.  I have found that StewMac offers replacements so I think I have this covered.

Second, the tuners are 3-on-a-plate and are identical and seem to be the same age - patina on the metal and the buttons are all the same side to side. However the plates are different.

I know that Gibson had trouble with consistency, but on the same instrument? What do you think - are they origianl?

thanks so much

Ed Minch

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It could go either way! Just 'my' mind-vision!

Just a crazy demise of a 30's Gibson, at any rate!

There's a 1930's L-00 (tortoise, not white) pickguard on Ebay, in case you were planning on changing it.    

Great work on the repair btw.

Thanks Ian

I know I have to repaint the entire guitar and I will lacquer it black as original and then scrape the bindings back to white(ish) before clear coating it.  I will not HAVE to put a pickguard on it and I may not - the space where the old one was is still raw wood so there is a lip in the finish at the edge, meaning I would have to cut the pickguard to fit exactly or it would show.

A Firestrip pickguard would look great



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