Got an early 6o's LG that has the picjguard curl which has caused 3 separate cracks in the top...Problem is , VERY thin guard , finished over with NO separations...No gaps anywhere...I'm worried about opening a gigantic can of worms..

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If there’s no separation to work with I usually start at the point. Is that the sort of info you’re looking for?

Greg Mirken

Not sure...I've taken lots off that had an access corner..But it's so thin and covered in finish...

If there’s already a crack under the E or B string you could start there. If you leave a mark it would be easier to hide than at the outer edge, say.

Good advice....

Gang....I balled up , as they say....Took out the magnifiers...Used some different low heating methods...TOOK MY TIME.....MOSTLY clean dismount...Able to save original gaurd...It WAS a bitch...Got the cracks taken care of and glued back on the braces...


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