What adhesive is best for transparent Hummingbird style pick guards?

And whats the best method for attaching them without the visible bubbles underneath? Thanks in advance... -Ray

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wet the surface where the pick guard is to be put than fix the pick guard on the face and sqeegie it on. As the water is removed it will stick with no air pockets. Some times I use soapey water.

I'm assuming for this method you're using double stick adhesive? Is that the consensus on hummingbird pickguards?
No . You can buy a clear pick guard and you don't want to see it.

Hmm...Allow me to rephrase this. I am regluing a traditional hummingbird pickguard. How does Gibson do this now from the factory? And how would any of you choose to attach this? With a liquid glue...or double stick adhesive?


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