What happens when you stick a guitar case in a Mini, in full sun, for 8 hours and 40 minutes

On another forum, several have us have been doing some experiments involving cars in hot sun - inside temp vs. outside temp, ttrunk temp vs. inside temp, etc. I decided to take a different approach.

At 10:00, I parked my car in a parking lot that should receive full sun all day. The car doesn't have a trunk, so the case is sitting in the back seat. Here's the car:

I cracked the windows and the sunroof. said it was 84 degrees out. Here's what the thermometer in the case says:

The thermometer is an ancient one that was mounted on the house sometime around 20+ years ago. Here's what I did with the case:

Yeah, that's some scarves and some microfiber cloths. And a shirt. They happened to be in the car; and that's what I would use in a real-world application.

Here's how things looked at lunch. said it was 88.

The sandwich was roast beef with peppers on marble rye.

I wasn't able to get back to the car until 6:40. Here's what I found when I opened the case:

I guess that would be somewhere around 113 degrees. That's after 8 hours and 40 minutes inside a case, inside a car that has a whole lot of glass to let light in - the roof itself is 60% tinted sunroof. Of course, I left the windows and sunroof cracked.

Outside temp when I took the photo was right around 92.

So what does all this mean? I don't think it means that we can leave cars in the sun all day and expect nothing to happen to a guitar inside. But, I personally am not going to be too worried if I leave the guitar in the car while I run some errands.

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I have looked at the guitars and tested the glue joints and they seem to be still ok.

There were no necks with strings on them as I haven't a guitar that I want to destroy. I am sure that the tension would be bad.

I know what heat will do to guitars as I have had several with all the braces rattling inside that had just fell off.

Don't try this with a good guitar.

Seems like I have a guitar that has a broken truss rod that I could tune and put in the car. I will have to look.

Ron, you're not going to make us wait until tomorrow to find out what happened in your experiment, are you?

Rick Turner Made the bass played on Fleetwood Mac's The chain. Dummmmmmm dum dum dum dum de dumbley dmmmmmmm.....

anyway it was CF prototype held together with 5 minute epoxy.

on tour it was left in it's case in the sunshine.......

the glue melted, the bass died
I had forgot about the experment and it is 68 out side now so I will go look. Hold on.

I am back! They don't seam to be any different so I will wate untill this afternoon when it is hot and check again.
Ron, people are dying out here, waiting to find out if you still have an intact parlor guitar or whether we're going to see the thing on Ebay as a "Luthier Project Parlor Guitar Kit". Is the guitar strung up through the test?



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