I made a perfect scarf joint,headstock.great alignment on the new mandola neck and then realized I had fouled up on my mahogany grain orientation.I had decided to forego the reinforcement because my tablesaw locked up as I was getting ready to do a channel cut.

Should I take a chance w/ no rod?Should I hand cut a channel?Dremel?Chisel?It's always something.........

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Thanks for all the comments in both directions.Like I said I went back to Woodcraft and got a $10.99 2x2x30 piece of Maple for me backup plan should I needs it.What I liked about the Mahog was how light it is(featherweight) and there was not another in its class.Trusting the 3/16" rod(non truss) will hold her straight.I'll let ya'll know pass or fail.Hopefully, St.Luthier is w/me.
I understand now, Tim. I haven't done this with a neck but I have done it with braces several times. It's easy to forget that wood grain is three dimensional.

Maybe save the neck for a uke and make a new one for the mandolin?

Something that I should have asked first about this neck problem.... What is the purpose of this mandola? Is it just for you or for someone else, an expression of your passion for craft? If you are making a commissioned piece, then start over. If this is your first or second instrument, then maybe don't sweat it. We learn from our mistakes.
Well put's for my own selfimposed development.Everything I've built so far has its own special flaw but everyone plays and sounds better than any I've purchased.


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