I have a nashville tele in the shop, and I was asked to install a set of scn noiseless tele pickups in the neck and bridge, but leave the texas special in the middle.  This is the model that has 3 pickups and a 5 way.  The SCN pickups are dual conductor, so the neck is black white green, and the bridge is black yellow green.  If they were wired into a standard tele without the s1 switch it would look like this....

Scroll down in the post to see the attachemnt

I used the same configuration as above to the same hot connections the stock setup had.  My problem is that positions 2 and 4 are out of phase.  My thought is that in a standard tele, the neck is reverse phase / polarity with the bridge.  In the stock nashville wiring, maybe all three pickups were the same polarity?  I imagine they wouldn't have made a special neck pickup just for this guitar so that it would have standard 5 way function.  Any ideas?

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Totally, i'm a DiMarzio dealer and I put a fast track in a tele I built a while back.  I specifically picked it because it didn't re-invent the wheel tonally, just gave me a bit "more".  I'll take another stab at the existing setup and if I start putting too much time into it, i'll see how the owner feels about other options.

Agree about the Di Marzios , but all you need to do is reverse the connections to the middle pickup , see my earlier post .

Update...figured out why reversing the middle pickup didn't work and got everything working.  Everything is in phase, but because everything is now the same direction, positions 2-4 have cycle hum.  At least we're better off than before, and I still have all my hair.


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