This came into the shop yesterday, the owner said he kept this guitar buy a space heater! already repaired once . some crackage as you wound expect . Now complete break of the top  at back of the bridge top pulled UP  big cracks  x brace sections unglued

SO my plan is to  remove bridge plate ,, install a new larger bridge plate so there's  glue surface past the brake to glue the top down to . then glue everything back together and installing a martin repair bridge to cover the break  >> what im hoping is the top will hold, seeing that the top completely broken at the bridge back ,,a first for me!. i'm the edge of thinking it needs to be re topped ,and of course  thats too much $ for the customer

so the stewing on this as i prepare myself  and thought id share with my next project20161217_130207.jpg

and hob nob with my fellow wizards 20161217_130334.jpg

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