Vitage Classical Guitar **UPDATED- NEW PHOTOS**

I have a guitar that I inherited from my grandmother about 10 years ago. She told me a long time ago that the guitar was left to her by a boyfriend she had back in her 20's. She was supposed to hold onto it for him and he would return to get it back from her. He gotten it handed down to him from his father. From her story and her age at passing and her approximate age of obtaining the guitar, I date it to be from the 1940's or later. My grandmother had spilled white paint inside it along time ago and cleaned it out with paint remover, which removed half of the label. The serial number is gone and I have been searching through photos and picking the brains of experts for years to find out more information about the guitar. I want to know who the maker is, how old it exactly is, what the serial number might have been, and how much it is worth? I have gotten few answers. I don't have a working digital camera, because I dropped it in the lake. I took some pictures with my camera cell phone. The pics are kinda dark and hard to see. The boarder of the label that is still visible is almost identical to Antonio Hernandes guitar labels, but much smaller, different font typing, and corners of the boarder are boxed. The label says Mexico city, Wilson, and not much else noticeable.

I have just updated and put all new photos to this blog as of December 30th 2009.

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Comment by Roi Weber on May 7, 2009 at 4:18pm
I would hate to sell it, but I do need the money to fund my fishing tournaments. My sponsor is not paying my way due to the current economic state. I would entertain appraisels and offers. Advice would also be much appreciated.
Thank you,
Roi Weber
Comment by Roi Weber on December 30, 2009 at 5:03pm
Do does anyone have any comments or advice or offers now that I have some way better pictures up? I know a couple of the pictures of the neck/head of the guitar did not come out as crystal clear. If anyone wants a better picture of those areas just let me know and I'll try harder. I just got the new camera and I am still getting used to all the different options on it.


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