I have no idea why David Gibbon can't get a discussion started on "electric glue pots", but it's getting kinda' ridiculous. I don't have any dog in the fight, but the poor guy has tried to start a dialog 3 separate times, only to have the "discussion deleted" by somebody or something.

Anybody know what's causing this?

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Maybe horses and cows have finally unionized?
I cant figure it eather-- Im wondering what the boggle is my self???????????????
I know, I don't get it. For what its worth, I've just started experimenting with HHG and have been using a baby bottle warmer. Works great for a small shop hobbiest like me--at least so far.

George :-)
I sent David a message and asked what was up, and he indicted he was in the UK, and simply looking for a source for glue pots compatible with their voltage and plugs, etc. But the real issue here seems to be one of discussion censorship for no good apparent reason.

Under "admin options" is a line marked "delete discussion"... so the questions I have are: (1) can anybody delete a discussion? and (2). if so, shouldn't that be changed asap? Sure, if somebody's obviously violating rules or writing something in questionable taste, then it should be canceled.... but a guy's just trying to ask a simple question about glue pots and getting slammed for it. Not kosher, in my book.

Frank, can you shed any light on this? Maybe there's something we're not understanding correctly.
I got through to tech support at NING, and it turns out to have been a software bug they believe they've just fixed, so it shouldn't be an issue in the future.
I'm an absolute true believer: ...Frank Ford can fix ANYTHING!
I'm believe he can too. My father and his mentor both use the "sealed hot plate, cheap double boiler" method. $1.00 garage sale hot plate, and a little chocolate double boiler from another yard sale. I think the whole thing came to 4 bucks. I use titebond.
As for me, I was wondering why the same post appeared to be repeating. Every other forum I've spent time on wouldn't allow that either. It's too easy for people to respond to different instances of the same question, thus fragmenting any discussion and creating just that many more post for people to work through. Usually anyone that feels their post is being buried just "responds" to their question (thread) with a "Bump" and a comment asking for attention. This effectively moves the post to the top of the pile.

Ultimately, it seems to me that the reason there was no response is that no one had a response to give. There are several ways that HHG could be handled but none of us appear to be able to answer David's specific question about finding glue pots in the UK.


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