any body recognize this peg head logo?


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Maybe a Kingston or perhaps a Crown?

A Recording King comes to mind, because of the Gibson headstock shape, but the logo doesn’t look quite right. 

Gibson head stock shape yes.   Maybe applied decal?

Anyway, thanks.

Recording King used lots of variations on the crown logo.  That would be my bet.

It does seem lilely Recording King.  Did they ever build really nice dreadnoughts?  I juist received it today.  Back and sides solid Indian rose wood.  Original tuners are 50s Grovers with slot head screws.  Bone nut.  Not sure about saddle.  Nice pins and ornate rosewood pin bridge.  It is X-brace.  No label or stampings anywhere.  Guild style neck heel (very wide).  Still mystified.

Sounds like a nice find.  Show us some more pictures!


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