I am making some guitars , the i have previously used masonite and an ash veneer for the top..Electrics.....I have recently found someone to re-saw ash into to plates for hollow guitars, instead of the masonite/veneer way I was using......Pro's....Cons ?.....Danelectro style...

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Presuming the ash you are speaking of is similar to heavy swamp ash (light baseball-bat ash) and it's roughly similar to domestic Ash we have here you can probably think something like maple for a tonal response.  It's a recognised tone-wood and providing it isn't mallet grade heavy it'll sound better than masonite.   Pros:  it sounds OK, machines and glues well and has a nice appearance - particularly flat sawn cathederal grain patterns.   You can also make matching necks out of the heavier stuff if you wish.  Cons: the more open the grain (ash has distinct ring porosity) the more it sucks up lacquer and skinny finishes usually end up imprinting the grain over time (one of the reasons some S/ash Teles' have thick-ish finishes).  The heavier ash tends to be a bit brittle sounding and may lack some sweetness - but may sustain a little more (I suppose this is the case - it's conventional wisdom, but I haven't made a heavy ash guitar).   

Anybody? Rusty.

I've been having success using West Systems epoxy as a grain filler on some very open grained woods including Ash and Mahogany. Haven't noticed any significant change in tone and my finishes are flat by the second coat. 

It is better as a back wood instead of a top wood because its like rusty said it sucks in lacquer so you need to fill the grain, as far as tone it is a great tone wood as rusty said it machines well. anybody else i know i left some details out.

Ian Supplee

I fill the grain on my solid body builds with a dark filler to bring out the grain anyway , so that's no problem....I think I'll have some sawed up...

I love Danelectro guitars.  But solid ash has to be more resonant than Masonite.  I would think you'd impart some very cool tone.  For me, few solid bodies have better tone than old swamp ash Teles and Strats.

I have a 1000 B.F piled up in the bach yard has been there for 15 years but I don't build elec.Guitars...........

is it haydn in yur bach yd.?couldn't pass it up WFE...


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