I put a Fishman Infinity Matrix pickup in a friend's guitar a week or two ago. I installed the battery bag next to the neck block, and burnished it with the handle of a screwdriver as best I could, but it keeps falling off.

Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem?


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Hi Mike.

Have you searched the forum's archives?  This has been discussed, and solutions given, a few times.

Good luck.


How do I find the archives?

I cannot find a link of any type to any type of archive. I must be sinple, but can someone clue a dummy in?


 The top right corner of the page, under your browsers bars, next to the "Sign Out" button you should find a search bar.  Make sure that you are scrolled all the way up to the top or it may be hidden.

Most of us, that have been around tend to think of the whole forum as an archive. Basically, when we tell someone to search the archive, we mean that they will probably find other threads on the site that already contain the information they want.


If you haven't been around, you can probably avoid a lot of frustration if you know that this form isn't a fast paced place. I noticed that you posted two post about the "archive" an hour apart. Generally, this forum just isn't that busy and it might take a day or longer, rather than an hour to even have your post read by someone that can answer. If you should post and no one answers at all, ( over a few days), there's a pretty good chance that it's being read but no one that has read it has a contribution to make to the thread. No sense in posting quickly when it's highly probable that no one has read the first one yet.

 Just saying.

Ned, thanks. I have been a member here since 2008, so i know how slow the place is, and did not remember an archive, LOL.

I did do a search. Got two threads. This one and one that had entirely zip to do with the subject at hand, but I appreciate everyone who tried to help.

I ended up cleaning the back of the velcro patch with naphtha and supergluing it to the inside of the guitar. I think that will do the trick.

Again, much appreciated.

I use hot glue when they won't hold on. That took far less effort than referring you to the archives.

Here's the easily found thread:

Took no effort at all.

I'm glad you found it. Apparently your effort means more than mine. Whoodathunkit.


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