Can anyone identify this pickup and suggest how to remove it?


This pickup is installed in a Guild and it need to be removed. It feels like it is glued in. I have not seen this type of pickup before and would like to know if anybody has removed one like it. The owner thinks it's an L R Baggs but I am unable to find anything that looks like it.

Thanks in advance for your replys.


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I don't know the brand, but I would assume it is either double-sided tape or CA glue and I would start by trying to get a thin palate knife between it and the bridge plate and just pry it off? 

I had success with a super glued K&K removal by turning the guitar upside down, and using a long needle and syringe to saturate the bridgeplate wood around the transducer with acetone.  After a few minutes they released with steady pressure on the wires.

Hi guys. Thanks for responding with your suggestions/comments. 

Mark-Between the time I posted and the time you replied I thought I would try using my bridgeplate puller and see if the pickup would move at all. I was able to get the puller in-between the wood and the end of the pickup and applied a little pressure and then I heard a crack. I looked inside and the end of the pickup was broken off and I could see some adhesive putty still on it. So, I moved the puller more to the middle and with slow steady pressure it came off.

Terence-After you used the acetone, how did you clean up the acetone off of the wood?


That's an LR Baggs I Beam pickup. They're usually just attached with double stick adhesive foam strips. 


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