I wish to extend the warmest wishes for a very merry Christmas to one and all in this site

and a special wish to Mr. Frank Ford for coming up with a place where people can relate to

each other. Please do not forget the real reason for the day--- Peace to all , Donald


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Hear-hear, this is a wonderful gift that Frank's given.... and dang if it doesn't keep giving all year long!

I hope everyone is where they want to be this year, and with those who mean the most to them. Merry Christmas :)

Santa has a look that says he's not letting loose of that hollow body and he doesn't care how good you've been!
Merry Christmas and thanks Frank.

Hi Donald and friends,

We get to see the sun rise earlier than you dudes so I can tell you it's already a very happy Xmas which you will enjoy when you wake.   Blessed to have comrades like you and the guys and where would we be if it wasn't for Frank having the spark and drive to get us all on the same page (so as to speak).

Enjoy yourself and wishing peace, good joss and prosperity to you all.

Indeed - good wishes for all of you, too, during this holiday season!

Best wishes from me to all of you. I wish everybody here health and happiness for 2015.

Frohe Weihnachten from Germany :-)

Merry Christmas everyone!


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