Hi all,
I was trying to remove a previously repaired acoustic bridge today with my heat bulb. Even though I protected the top I had some tiny bubbles appear about 1" either side of the bridge. The bridge wasn't budging so I guess I've heated for too long. As it happens the bridge wouldn't budge so I'm wondering if it's been glued on with epoxy or something like that. After cooling the little bubbles dissapeared but left some white hazing which I assume is moisture trapped under the finish. I was going to try the denatured alcohol trick but I'm having trouble finding it in the UK. Searching online seems to Suggest that it's Methylated Spirits but I'm not sold on that. Can anybody help me out?

Thanks very much,

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Yes Darren.  What is called denatured alcohol in USA is generally labelled methylated spirits in UK and Australia.  All the same thing. 

Hi Mark,

Thanks very much for that!



I don't know this DA trick that you guys are speaking of - wanna tell us about it please?

Also for what ever I would use DA for I stopped using it long ago and went to grain alcohol instead.  DA has lots of nasty chemicals where grain alcohol (aka moonshine) doesn't and of course can be repurposed if need be into something perhaps a bit more fun....

Hi Hesh,
I got the info myself from the following thread!



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