I am about to complete my third guitar build and I am shaping the nut in the final setup.  It has a zero fret (just trying that for a change on this one) so the nut won't actually be holding up the strings or setting the action.  The nut will really only be acting as a string spacer.  I was thinking of using ebony instead of bone - partly for the different look.  I know a lot of old-time guitars used to have ebony nuts, and you see it used all the time in mandolins and banjo saddles.  Has anyone got experience with this?

My main question is - which way would you have the grain oriented?


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90 degrees to the string ie, grain running across the end of the fingerboard parallel to the nut slot. R.
Thanks Rusty. That makes sense. mm
Grain should go side to from one binding to the other, quartersawn grain would be preferred for the most strength to resist having the strings cut down through, which is more likely if the grain parallels the strings.



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