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Anybody know what type of neck joint has this guitar? Epiphone EJ300-S - same as EJ200 but with rosewood body, made in 2004 in Korea.


Thank you

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Most likely just a flat butt joint with 3-5 dowels. Something like this -


Oh Lord, say it ain't so!

My wife's Korean EJ-300CE has a broken peghead that I need to repair (my first attempt at this), and I was thinking that it might benefit from a neck reset (which would have also been my first attempt).  Shaving and ramping on the bridge is starting to look like a much better option.

Saw-off (not like this!) conversion resets aren't that hard.  I've been able to get these joints to fail, and saw through the dowels with a thin bladed pullsaw.

Using some sharpened pallet knives and first cutting through the finish at the heel and where the fretboard meets the top, even my first attempt at this took under 15 minutes... Do mask off the area's you don't want to damage.


Agreed. This was a junker I took to the band saw and belt sander just to display the joint. The heel can be cut off much more cleanly and converted to a bolt on joint if desired. I believe Frank may have a demonstration of this on his site.


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