If you use triangle files for fret work; this idea might be of use. Especially when doing re-crown jobs with wide flat tops on the leveled frets. Crowning files don't work well for me in that situation. It's a drum stick with the file mounted at a cant to allow access to the upper register of the fretboard. Cheers, Tom

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Good idea... and probably lots of control, too.  Reminds me of those long-handled chisels that make it so easy to navigate around in trimming dovetails.

Nice idea ,, batta-bing!  Tom

My apprentice training officer would have had a fit if I'd had called it a triangular file, we had to call it a three square file. Love the wooden engineers chests, I've got 7/8, a few years back you could pick them up at antique fairs for £30 complete with tools. Now you're lucky to find one empty for twice that.

Fun story. Slim Taper Triangular is printed on the package in my town.

The chest drawers are a real time saver with keeping things organized. The prices have soared, but deals are still to be had. Tom

I love wooden machinist's tool chests but the Gerstner chests are out of my price range.  I tried the Harbor Freight version and its joints came apart within minutes of being loaded with tools.  I then tried the Grizzly and it has held up like a champ. Very sturdy.

Grizzly H8266

Thanks Robbie. I was looking for new tool chests. I needed a real review. Tom


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