I know this is probably not fret related, but does anyone (maybe Frank) know where I might pick up one of the old t-shirts? The one where Frank is beating on a guitar with an axe. My old one is getting pretty threadbare, and I know that they are no longer available from Gryphon. I just LOVE that t-shirt!

Thanks for your time everyone.


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I'd bet that, with a little sweet-talk and some convincing, the powers-that-be at Gryphon just might approve of someone taking on the project of getting some more t-shirts made?! 

Sure, there would be some negotiations involved (use of the artwork, percentages of sales, etc) but it's probably something that might be hammered-out to everyone's satisfaction.

That's a good thought Mike. But the powers-that-be would likely have to see a guaranteed market. I have lots of time but very little influence. I appreciate your response Mike.

I'm not so sure they'd need a guaranteed market as such, I think it's more of a case of maybe they ran out back-when....and Gryphon has far greater priorities than getting some "new old" t-shirts made. 

Heck, they might even appreciate the interest and any offers of assistance with tending to some of the grunt work!   In any event, it can't to hurt to ask.

Well - If they make some more I pledge to buy one.  Let's create a market right here........

OK Mark. I pledge to buy at least two

Ok folks for anyone who is interested, I e-mailed the folks at Gryphon about the t-shirt. Here is the reply I received, "There are no plans to bring back the t-shirt (that site has been largely inactive for several years), but never say never, it might happen." I thanked them for their response, and I'll guess we'll wait and see what, if anything, happens next. Hopefully it won't get "Lost In The Ozone Again"

Happy Trails Everyone


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