I only today spotted this post by Frank Ford on the UMGF, dated 05/26/16 .... the relevant excerpt is as follows

"Right now, I'm yearning to get back to the bench to confront a list of instruments in need.  In the last week, I've been the needy one - I took a spill and broke my stupid hip, so it's another week in local rest/recovery/nursing facility before I can stand and apply for release ".

I am sure that everyone here wishes you a very speedy recovery, Frank.

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Whoopsie-do!  Absolutely, good wishes abounding.  The instruments will wait, Frank.... "heal thyself" first!


Nursing facilities are no fun Frank! Get well soon and get outta there! Prayers for a speedy recovery!

Feel better Frank!

Take care of yourself! Get well soon!!!!

Thenks, guys,  This deal hurts a a lot, but it's starting to get a bit better. . .

Get well soon, and our age bracket now gives new meaning to our 'hippie' generation ;-)  Tom

I hope you get better very soon! I will be praying. :-)

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Frank, and a quick return to the magical space at the bench!

Best wishes for a speedy and pain-free (or at least low pain) recovery.  I was visiting and in your shop last week and missed your aura.  All the best.


Take it easy bloke, and stay offa those roller skates - the instruments can wait,

Best Wishes and recovery,


Best of luck Frank. Take care of yourself.


If you do what the cute nurses tell you you will never remember the fall!!



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