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I am about to spray a finish on a custom guitar that I'm building and I want to spray it it a "Gibson Gold Top Gold". Where can I purchase the correct gold/bronze flake to mix with lacquer?

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Guitar ReRanch would probably be your best source.

hi Greg- I use to do custom painting on hard body guitars and I had an automobile paint supplier that had flake that I use to mix with clear laqure and it worked out very well- so maby that can be a possible thing that you can try - HOWEVER

if you try it then do it on a spare piece of material before you lay it on the finished product-  peace, Donald


I think Gibson used Crescent Bronzing Powders. Many on the mylespaul forum say it's Crescent Bronze Extra Brilliant Greengold #256.  I've seen others say that it's a mixture of two colors. You can order a color sample card from Crescent.  Look at their site and scroll down:

Here's a guitar done this way:

Here are some threads at mylespaul that could be helpful:

I second Crescent as a first shot.

Thanks for the responses. I checked them all out. Today I found a company on line,, they sell several colors in both metal flake and mica flake. I'm going to try a sample from them. Hope to have this finished by Christmas. I'll post a picture when she's all done.


Hi Greg-- good luck with your project and do a good job-- peace, Donald


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