I did a little digging on this subject. There was worry about bending spalted maple sides. I haven't gotten that far and might end up just using some very curly sides. But I will try matching sides anyway.

I was wondering if the person (already can't remember who) ever got thier spalted sides bent.

  These pieces  have no reals soft spots. All is at least as hard as mahogany.  The guitar outline on the first piece is #1 size. the other pieces are 8 1/2 X 36. Book matched to 17 X 36.

 I did leave the long pieces about 1/4" thick in case they go for solidbody overlay.


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Heres two more.

I'll get better at this I hope!

Sorry these are so big. I guess I'll have to play around with the pixels.  DH

I seem to be replying in reverse. Bizarro World.

anyhow heres the last, or is it the first? It might be the same piece. Pay no attention to the man behind the keyboard.

How do I make these smaller. When I emailed them earlier today they were much smaller.


I like the big pictures. Easier to see details.


Its a shame, but it doesn't have much of a tap tone to it. It may end up as banjo resonator veneers, or sold to someone who does solid body guitars.
Well David I tryed the Sp. Maple once and it did not turn out very good as soon as the water hit it it started to do it's owen thing. But then my Maple was a little to spunge any way. And like you said it don't have a lot of tone to it any way.If it were mine l think i would use it for solid body Guitars. I love your pic. size. My cop. is very slow but the pic opend up real fast . Very nice wood David.Bill.''''''''''''''''''''''''

Hi David-- from what I hear ( and I dont know first hand ) spalted maple, although it has a gr8 look is not good for acoustic guitars, but then again thats what I hear.

I have 4 pieces of spalted maple that I will use for a solid body guitar, but I will be plaining it to 1/4 inch for a top plate.

Let us know what you r findings are for an acoustic guitar -- ok??

Peace, Donald 


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