Heres my recent project guitar a double neck Les Paul with duel necks ( both 6 String necks). The body is walnut laminated with poplar, then walnut.

. We are Routeing out he pickup cavitys today and makeing her necks too. shes a heavy old girl but nice. the electronics cavity is gonna be like A 1972 SG with it in the front ( for easy access to the pots and controls to wire it easyer) i will post updated pics of this Double Neck Build.

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Looks goood so far Lan- waiting patiently to see more  :)

Eh i need to round off the sides a little but i will post more pics as the project goes on.


Just out of curiosity, what does the body weigh at this stage of the process?



What's the difference between the two necks, if they have the same number of strings?


it feels like a ton of bricks on my shoulders hahaha :]


The difference is in the scale length one neck will have a gibson scale length the other will have a fender. I play both brand of instruments and I love them both. But also both necks will have different humbuckers. In one I will put a high gain in bridge and low gain in neck since I play heavy Metal thats my usual set up. Then in the other neck I will put Angus young humbucker in the Bridge and a 57 Classic in the neck for both Classic Rock tones and some of my high gain southern rock. my design in a nutshell to explain is I wanted a instrument that i could use all the time instead of  one or two songs.

Ian Supplee

Side note: because of her weight I nicknamed her Behemoth but shes a beauty so far I will post updates of her being built.


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