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I've seen that a number of times, too.  Once on a '26 Martin.  But the ebony bridge was easy to fill with bits of ebony, finished off with glue and dust to the point where it was almost 100% invisible.  

I'm wondering what kind of guitar that is ... looks Gibson-esque, but the white binding and no pg throw me off.  Tom

"I brought it in because it's been buzzing a bit lately."

Or maybe;  " 'Yeah', Waldo said to himself, 'I'm really getting the knack of this setup stuff'."

What! This isn't a "caption of the week" picture! Wow.

So someone knew enough to build a decent replacement bridge (though the pinhole spacing...,) but drew the line at resetting the neck.

One needs to know one's limits. 

That one's worth fixing. Gibson or Epiphone.

It's a 57 Gibson 01.  Poor dude who owns it has not a dime to throw at getting it fixed as he is on disability. The guitar still plays, and will continue to do so until it passes to it's next owner.

Sounds like a perfect case for some "pro bono" work from a repairperson who might live nearby the owner?  Save a nice old guitar, make the owner really happy.... and manufacture some great karma! 

I didn't notice that the strings feed through the inside of the guitar. Interesting...

Kerry, Do you mean LG-1?

I guess that "all-in-all" not that bad of a "hack-job"..Ha!

Perhaps I could get the creative luthier to scallop a fingerboard for me?

Good on you, Kerry, for taking it in for the dude! (thumbs up)


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