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I don't know what it's been like for you all, but I've been very busy here since lockdown restrictions were eased. One guitar, is this this Gibson Hummingbird. It has an ugly top crack that was previously repaired by someone who didn't do a great job. The crack itself is full of old glue and rubbish, but the main problem is that, during the previous repair, someone has glued a big plank of rosewood(?) on/near the crack. Looking for ideas to get it off without too much damage. I've tried the heating blanket on it and it didn't do much, but maybe I've been too cautious..?

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Cut out a sponge the size of the plank, get the sponge wet, and place it on the piece you want to remove. Let it sit for 12 hours or overnight. Remove the sponge and apply heat, use some kind of a puller to carefully pry off.


Did you have success with wet/heat?

It did come off eventually! Some inevitable finish damage.


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