Nice old Minnesota farmer's fiddle in the shop - 4/4 size. The question is, what instrument was robbed of these two pegs. Almost fit the contour, but not quite curvy enough. I have an idea, not sure, so "stump the band" time. Only one original peg is functional. Other wooden one is broken.   

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Those are indeed violin tuners.  Waverly and Kluson, among others, had them as standard catalog  items.  Decades ago I acquired a few sets from an old violin shop that was closing down.  The plates were standard, so they fit some fiddles better than others.  Offhand, I'd guess the ones in the photo were made by Waverly.

 Frank, how well did they work? I seem to remember hearing about something like these a few decades ago. I guess they were not at all successful? 

I actually thought the out of focus first shot was of a stand up bass... 

If they are not indeed V/Ps I suppose they could be offa dulcimore..........but I'm goin' w/Frank 'cause he sounded so freakin' credible!!!

He's 110% right. Look at item 200792173530 on eBay right now. That's what they are, and I think exactly the same. Thanks a bunch, Frank. Now if I can just figure out how to clamp that big crack on the lower treble bout........

I pick these up new on ebay from a seller 'bezdez' in ontario canada. I use them on my travel fiddles- I dont like the notion of pegs being broken on travel fiddles (thats also why no scroll btw). Also the geared tuning negates the need for fine tuners and allows for easy and more dependable tuning in all weather environments. Sexy looking as well.



Hey, thanks, Rory!  Went to eBay and checked-out 'bezdez'... he's got lots of fun stuff, including the aforementioned brass fiddle tuners. Above is what he has at the moment.

Might have to get a set just for the thrill of having 'em around!


I have been to his place and if he don't have what you need Idon't know were you will find it.............. Bill..........

Just a couple of notes on these tuners if intending to use them. I have bought them from bezdez more than once thinking they were exactly the same product. Upon closer examination, the brass plates were slightly different size & shape on one of the sets and the spacing of the tuners was quite different. Depending on your scroll they may or may not fit if the scroll is already shaped & cut. Its kind of difficult with the ebay pictures to see the diff, but very noticeable when it doesnt fit the scroll. Also, some 'fiddling' around seems necessary to get them to fit the peg box width. I end up cutting off some length on the brass shafts, so I can let them into the opposing inside scroll face without them sticking right out the other side. Long & short- these are great for new construction but may or may not work on a retrofit.



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