This is a bit of internet seredipidy .Not strictly guitars but I read that 2.9khz is the very best frequency to tune your violin bridge. (about two and a half octaves above middle C.) This triggered an article that said Snowy Tree Cricket chirps are exactly 2.9 khz.
When I test a bridge now,I drop the bridge on the sole of my steel plane.The rattle "note" as it lands can be compared to the chirp recording (on the insect site).
The affect on the tone is really amazing.Real quality sounds.If you go past the 2.9 khz there is a sudden drop in sound quality. Frequency rises as you remove wood (from the top 1 1/2 cms.)
Is there an insect for guitars? If you have ever made a violin ,go back and use this .It is a lot of fun.Very quick and reliable.

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I removed 11/2in from atop my fiddle bridge and the chirp disappeared w/my bridge!
I just had a terrible flashback when I saw your CHIRP. Nothing connected to this but some days ago I started to hear a chirp noise in the workshop.I could not place where it was coming from.I became convinced there was some kind of insect calling to it`s mate.I went through every box and cupboard and ended up taking every piece of electronics out and removing the batteries.Still the chirps. It went on for days .Each chirp on it`s own then a long gap.
I tracked it down at last to a spare fire alarm that was buried in a carton under the table.Nowhere near where I thought the sound was coming from. It really had me going for a while.


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