1/16 inch black Celluloid for pickguards: Were to buy, how much to expect to pay?

   After the thread a few months ago about the differences between Bakelite and Celluloid and how to test,  I need to purchase  some. The local plastics shop only deals with industrial plastics, and is looking at ordering in an 8X4 sheet for me, but the guy who took my order who has been there 22 years, had never even heard of celluloid!  He is looking, anyway, and will get back to me in the next 24 hours. Were do you all go for yours?

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Have you tryed not sure if they handle it but it may be worth a look  see--

peace, Donald

Bill James at is pretty much the only supplier of celluloid in smaller quantities.  LMI still sells it but their selection is fairly limited.  Stewmac stopped selling it several years ago.  Bill James is a reseller of Delmar products, who are one of the last manufacturers of celluloid nitrate.  Sometimes you can get sheets (which are 5'x3') directly from Delmar but only if they have leftovers from custom lamination jobs.  In order to buy non-leftover, dimensioned sheets from Delmar, you have to buy an entire block, which is 5'x3'x I forget what.  The last time I checked on ivoroid, a block was about $25,000.  A lifetime supply to be sure, but more of an investment than I care to make at this time.  

 Donald, I am going to be needing way more that I would care to buy at Stew macs prices. 

 I just got word back from the Plastics guy here in town. He said it was a no go. He found a supplier that would only sell him 1000 lbs of it.

Hugh, I just sent an Email off to your friend. Thanks for the info. I will keep the Forum updated. 

 So if I can't find a supplier (there are also heavy restrictions about sending a flame

able material like this over international borders)  I will need a substitute plastic. Any ideas here folks?

 I am still needing some help with this... 

ABS is what's commonly used in place of celluloid. 

 Hugh, that is the one statement that I needed to close this thread. Thank you so much my friend. I will see if I can get the local plastics place to order me in a sheet....


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