I have a 1933 L-00 that is in bad need of a neck set.  I have read that there are many of these instruments that have the neck installed before the top goes on, making a re-set much more difficult.  This one has the elevated fretboard.  

Does anyone have any experience with these?  I searched the neck set gallery and in general and could find nothing specific.



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Hi Ed - Yeah what you read is correct and at least you won't be surprised if yours is one with the top installed over the dovetail slot.  More specifically they would set the neck and then install the top and lastly the fret board.... ouch...

We've done resets on these before and last year had two 37's in the shop at the same time.  One had the top installed over the access and the other didn't.  One was an elevated board and one wasn't but for the life of me I can't remember if the elevated board is an indicator or not.  I want to say that it's not.

What I do remember is that there was no way to know in advance short of perhaps, not sure that this would even work, an x-ray.

Thanks Hesh

Lots of options to weigh here


Ed, you can ascertain if the top covers the dt when you drill the steam hole(s).  If you hit 'white' (spruce) sawdust, you'll  expect to have a covered joint.  On these 30s Gibsons the 'pocket' is usually straight down, but be aware that the 'bottom' plane of the dt triangle,(i.e., the pocket you're trying to hit) may actually be a radius and not a straight line (see pic of a '32 regular fb extension) and you could miss the pocket if you drill too far at the ends.

I'd go with Hesh's hunch that the '32 does not have the covered dt...but wouldn't bet the house on it.

If you really want the definitive answer on this check into the Vintage Corner at  Lots of experience with these over there.

Gibson neck removal is always a nerve racker for me..!

Hesh, I never saw an elevated board L-0/L-00 earlier or later than '32-33-ish, but Gibson always seems to produce the outlier when it comes to norms.  A '37 would have a 'C' FON stamp on the neck block, a 32-33 just the three or four digit rubber stamp w/o a letter.



Thanks for the photo, Tom

I have feelers out in several places (both coasts!!) and am getting some good information and advice.


Hesh, Didn't you write about those two guitars in a thread last year. I seem to remember this coming up before and I thought it was about that time you had them in the shop.


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