If Frank says it's ok to post pretty pictures, I would love to see on-going and latest finished instruments here.

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Here is the guitar ready for travel.
Here's a couple pics of my latest banjo.... just finished two weeks ago.dave (see if the pics show up) :)
Couldn't find the button, so hopefully this works this time.

Oh dear, it has no frets! It was made to play a daxophone which does have frets, but oh dear, no strings! I promise I will make a guitar soon. I just had to show off, it's my second bow.

This is my latest finished guitar (unfortunately it's over six months old). 000 size, cocobolo b/s, my first french polish. I've recently begun another of the same size in mahogany trying to duplicate results, so look for that around the new year at the rate I'm going.
I also finished this Puerto Rican Tiple this summer. All poplar with a cedar top I sawed from a shelf in my basement.
This is the Mandocello that I recently finished. You can see a video of me playing it and a mandola that I've built at;

This is my latest. It is actually more than 1 1/2 years old. I'm in graduate school and working right now, so that's put a damper on my building. It is a cutaway (obviously) Model K, which I based looooosely on the L-1. The bracing does not really follow the L-1 at all, so, while inspired by Gibson, it is not a copy of. Scale is 24.625, 14 frets to the body. It's owned by a local guy who used to play in a number of punk bands. He's mostly playing to his kids now, with a little sitting in with the guys who still play. It's got a K&K mini western.
About time we had an electric on this thread!!

maple top on a salvaged mahogany hollow body. the neck is on piece Hog from the same billet. Fretboard is EIR, Tapped H/Bs from Guitar fetish and there's a under saddle piezo pup for acoustic(ish) sounds too.

Stereo jack running to the centre unit in the rack which splits the signal to a DOD G7 for the piezo and a Roland GP8 for the Magnetic pups. the two units midied together......

Hi Martin-- yep bout time -- I posted a strat style axx that I made for a bud in TX. I like your toy.. Im in the process of designing a hybred of my own. I have a prototype now and Im in the process of tweeking it to my liking. Do another one like it and have fun :)
Give your self a gold star for that one :)
Best to ya,
Thanx Donald, Next guitar will be a hybrid archtop. floating electric pups and some sort of acoustic pup system too.....

but I have an electric bass to finish off first!
hey Martin , Are you going to put pickups in the saddles of that bass...????


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