I have a guitar that was just built by a luthier on E-bay. I got a great deal on it and it is a fine instrument with only one issue. The B string (and only the B string) buzzes at the 12th fret position only. If I push down with mega strength it clears up. If I bend this string ever so slightly up or down at the 12th... the note becomes solid. What do I need to do to fix this? Would appreciate your help....Sunny

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Hi Sunny,
sounds like a minor fret issue - most likely either its low on the 12th or high on the 13th.
I'd take it to a local trusted repair guy and get it looked at, hopefully the most it'll need will be a fret dress. Should be fine, and a good chance to get a compound radius or whatever if its your thing.
It sounds like a minor problem. The first thing to check for is a loose fret. I use a 6" steel rule. First, lay an edge on the frets as if it were the string to see where it rocks. There's often a little hump where you say you have the problem, but the ruler should at least rock the same amount on all the frets up there. It's not hard to tell if a fret is too high or low. Then using the end of the little ruler, tap on the frets one at a time near the B string. A loose fret will sound softer and lower than a tight fret. Look along the fretboard to see if there's a gap between the board and the fret. If so, can you press it down? One approach is to tap it with a plastic headed hammer. If it won't stay, it will need to be pressed down while a little thin cyano glue is wicked in there. If no fret seems loose, the area probably needs a little leveling and recrowning.
I don't know what your level of confidence is doing this sort of thing. This should not be a very expensive repair to have done professionally, but at least you know what's going on.
I want to thank you guys for the info....I will have this checked out.


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