D-28 squashed by a very big man slipping backwards on a wet staircase

I would like to share

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uhh, I can see the headline but there's no story attached? It sounds like an intriguing (but sad) saga. Share the particulars and we can, collectively, feel the pain....
Ill start again. I would like to share how I put this unfortunate instrument back together over time.
It's one of the worst calamities I have come across but, 'luckily' nothing fractured across the
grain so "We can rebuild it". I started on the sound-board, (the back came off without too much
ado), using magnets & a steel try square covered in double sided tape (nothing sticks to the
backing) to precisely align the multiple cracks & then using brace repair jacks on their sides, attached to the top using double sided tape with some of the "tack" removed, to close the cracks
with minimum pressure to prevent buckling. I'm using hide glue for some bits & Titebond where
more time is needed./Users/simon/Pictures/iPhoto Library/2008/09/02/IMG_0626.JPG/Users/simon/Pictures/iPhoto Library/2008/09/02/IMG_0627.JPG/Users/simon/Pictures/iPhoto Library/2008/09/02/IMG_0628.JPG/Users/simon/Pictures/iPhoto /Users/simon/Pictures/iPhoto Library/2008/09/23/IMG_0650.JPGLibrary/2008/09/02/IMG_0630.JPG/Users/simon/Pictures/iPhoto /Users/simon/Pictures/iPhoto Library/2008/09/23/IMG_0651.JPGLibrary/2008/09/02/IMG_0631.JPG/Users/simon/Pictures/iPhoto /Users/simon/Pictures/iPhoto Library/2008/09/22/IMG_0649.JPGLibrary/2008/09/04/IMG_0634.JPG/Users/simon/Pictures/iPhoto Library/2008/09/04/IMG_0635.JPG/Users/simon/Pictures/iPhoto Library/2008/09/22/IMG_0648.JPG
May look a bit crude but it's working so far. More later. TTFN
OK, the guitar lives to sing another day, but is the "very big man" OK?"/>
Oops, maybe should been...

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Bill ( The Very Big Man) whose guitar this is, for his invaluable assistance in letting you see the pics. I confess I am a luddite &
technophobe that knows little about 'computering'. Next installment, Sides.
Hi, I'm the "big man" concerned. I just spoke to Simon on the phone & helped post his pics. Wizard of the wood he definitely is, computer geek he definitely isn't...

I should also add that I initially contributed to this matter before today by falling on the guitar on these steps in Torquay, England, on the way to a gig...

Hard to see the steepness of Vane Hill (right of picture) or the uneven steps (outlined in red) that lead down to Torquay harbour, but the night I was due to play in a pub down on the harbourside they were wet, slippery and strewn with fallen leaves & debris & it was raining hard & blowing half a gale. The treads of the rough steps - over 200 years old - slope downwards to aid the rapid run-off of water. This also aided my rapid fall.

Unfortunately, having been persuaded to leave my big Calton case at my brother's house near London (due to lack of room in his car, with 5 of us +luggage travelling down for to Torquay), when I fell heavily on the D-28 it was only in a thin canvas backpack-type gigbag.

Original pics of the damage taken the following morning to follow...
wow!!!!!!!!! now THAT is a project.
Here are a few pics of the damage, taken 'the morning after' ...


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