After unsuccessfully trying to post this discussion twice before, I'm giving it one last shot. Does anyone in the UK know of a source of reasonably priced electric gluepots? The only one I know of is Touchstone Tonewoods who are asking £235 for theirs, which I think is extortionate, bearing in mind that until fairly recently Axminster stocked one at £100. Any assistance would be gratefully received.

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I use a small electric hotplate (<$15 USD) with a small pan filled with copper BBs (or I've seen some using other conductive metal, like aluminum shavings from a machine shop) a sheet aluminum sleeve just slightly larger than your glue pot ( I use an 8 oz jar with a screw-on cap with holes for the brush and a dial thermometer) will hold the pot. I put a dial thermometer in the BB "pool" as well to monitor that temp. I know this all sounds a bit crude, but I can maintain exactly the temperature I want and I don't have to worry about it boiling dry and overheating my glue. The BBs provide a good heat sink which will maintain temperature for some time if you need to move the pot to another location. Total investment: maybe $25 USD.


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