I have installed strap buttons on heel of several guitars with a Martin-style heel for lack of a better phrase.

Now I have a nice Gibson J-35 reissue with a flat heel, and wondered if the best location on the heel (treble side) is the same?


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have a look here:
its all pretty much summed up there with some nice clear pics,
When I got my 1952 Gibson J-45 (about 16 years ago) I saw that it had a strap button right in the middle of the flattest part of the heel and I thought "Oh shoot, this thing will tend to tip over...". It never did, that guitar is as balanced with the strap button in that place as any Martin with the button on the heel's treble side. So I'd suggest to take advantage of the flat heel, provided you install the button as close as possible to the heel's curve (= toward the guitar's front).
Well, I just went with the old standby - treble side.


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