I am restoring a 1970 Gibson SG that has seen better times.

Does anyone know the typeface that Gibson used for the serial # and "Made in USA"?

I'm going to have to find a way to etch the very faint serial deeper since someone has been over-zealous with an earlier sanding and it will disappear under the finish as it is presently. Any ideas?


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Leather tooling tools maybe?

A supplier that's NOT the least expensive, but has nearly everything under the sun.  Also search for gunsmithing supplies and woodworking suppliers. These sets are very common.

Best fo luck with your project :)

Have you looked at simple letter and number punches?  Amazon has about 25 different sets with different sizes and fonts. Harbor Freight and Lowe's/Home Depot have basic sets also. Measure the height of the serial number/letters and print out a photo and compare the fonts on the screen or at the store.  

Please let us know which set worked.

"Please let us know which set worked."

Good call, Mark :) Thanks.


I just looked at your profile and don't think you'll find a Lowe's/Home Depot in NZ.  Price of living in Paradise I guess...;') Stay safe in Shakeytown!

Thanks for that thought. Much less shaky these days and well on the way to recovery - not a moment too soon. We lost our house in all the nonsense, but are now sorted. Bizarrely, none of the guitars had a scratch on it. Go figure, but I do like the priorities!

No, we don't have those stores but I did manage to find a set locally. 5mm or 3/16th in your speak. Very close to original typeface which I'm guessing is something like Franklin Gothic Light.

I've tried it out of bits of rubbish and so long as you don't hit the punch too hard and you work out how to do a three the right way round, I think they will do the job.

"Made in USA is a smaller typeface @ 4mm.

Thanks for the thought that put me on the right track


Thanks to everyone for helping.



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