Got an later 80's Washburn 12 string needing a neck reset...Tried contacting Washburn via their website & facebook....No replies from them...Anybody been inside one ?...Dovetail ?

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Been following this and I'm surprised that, so far, no one's come-forward with any info on this particular neck joint.  Maybe the "right set of eyes" hasn't seen it yet? 

In any event, I'd bet that (by now) you've taken the plunge and gone-in under the assumption it may be a fairly normal dovetail... or, at least until you discover otherwise?   

Whatever you do find once you're in there, I'd sure love to hear how it's going.  We'll all benefit.... :)

After applying a lot of heat to the fingerboard extension and trying to get it up and not really getting any where ,  and not hearing from anybody , but especially Washburn....I gave up while I was ahead and closed the can of worms before any could get out....Customer understood....The bridge needed to be replaced as well , but I didn't bother...


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