Hey all. I picked up this Taylor 310ce from 99. It does have the NT neck joint. It is in really rough shape. I am not gonna be digging into this for a while. The first X brace that was glued in, broke at some point. From the junction on the X's, the upper bout bass side is more or less gone. It is sunk some by the sound hole. Not sure when I am gonna start to tackle this one. Just wanna start thinking about it. Does anyone know the top radius for this guitar? Are Taylor guitars 40 ft? I think both X's will need replaced. I will post pics soon. It is def something I am gonna have to have planned out before beginning. Thanks everyone for the help and info.

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Hi David.

Probably the best source for that info would be Taylor, themselves. The advantage to calling or e-mailing them is: IF the spec's have changed over time, they can likely tell you what they were when that instrument was made.

I've had great success in gathering specific model information from contacting the maker first. If they don't have it, then it's time for an inquiry post. It will also save you a LOT of time over the years and it's great ffor network building.

Hope you get the info you need & best of luck :)

Called Taylor today and was told it is a 50 ft radius.


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